Fronton Botnet הרוסי יכול לעשות הרבה יותר מהתקפות DDoS מסיביות

לאחרונה, Nisos published a new study describing the inner workings of the unusual Russian botnet Fronton.

הרשה לי להזכיר לך שגם אנחנו כתבנו את זה The Appearance of Cheap Russian DarkCrystal מומחים מודאגים של תוכנות זדוניות של RAT.

פרונטון first emerged in 2020, when the hacktivist group Digital Revolution hacked into an FSB contractor and released white papers demonstrating the creation of a botnet on behalf of the FSB (Federal Security Service).

Media outlets went crazy. Headlines called it a tool that could be used to “turn off the Internet in a small country.” Most analyses assumed that the goal of the system was distributed denial of service (DDoS). A day later, another tranche of documents, images, and a video were released, with significantly less fanfare.researchers write.

Until recently, it was believed that the botnet was designed to carry out large-scale DDoS attacks. According to Fronton’s analysis of additional documents, DDoS attacks are only part of the botnet’s capabilities.

לפי Nisos, Fronton isa system for coordinated non-authentic behavior,” ו SANA’s custom software shows that the botnet’s true goal may be the rapid and automatic spread of disinformation and propaganda.

אולי יעניין אותך גם לדעת את זה אתרי Darknet של REvil הקבוצה שוב עובדת: שהרוסים שחררו פושעי סייבר לטבע?

SANA consists of many features, לְרַבּוֹת:

  1. חֲדָשׁוֹת: tracks messages, trends and responses to them;
  2. Groups: manages bots;
  3. Behavior models: creates bots that impersonate social media users;
  4. Reaction models: reacts to messages and content;
  5. Dictionaries: stores phrases, words, quotes, reactions and comments for use in social networks;
  6. Albums: Stores sets of images for platform bot accounts.

SANA also allows the user to create social media accounts with generated email addresses and phone numbers, and distribute content online. בנוסף, the user can set a schedule for posts and adjust the number of likes, הערות, and reactions that the bot should generate. The botnet operator can also specify how manyfriendsthe bot account should have.

The configurator also allows the operator to specify the minimum frequency of actions and the interval between them. ככל הנראה, a machine learning system is involved, which can be turned on or off depending on the behavior of the bot in the social network.אמרו החוקרים.

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