How to disable location tracking on Windows 10 PC

Lawyers have read the EULA and found some problems with Windows 10 tracks.

In this post, we want to tell you something about Windows 10 tracking. Users from all over the world are removing this OS from their computers because of this problem. We want to share the information that got to us not so long ago about some paragraphs in the license agreement of Windows 10. Here is the list of problem that was discovered:

Problem 1. Windows 10 tracking and storing information.

Microsoft company collects and stores information like your web history, your website passwords, the names, and password to the wi-fi spots that you have been connected to . The problem is that this data is bundled to a Microsoft account, the password to which could be stolen or broken. In this case, the cybercriminal will know practically everything about his new victim. More than that, by the laws of the USA, the representatives of the IT companies must give any information about their customers to government organizations and others if there is a court order has been arranged for that. Practically, users are giving the full personal dossier file that can be used against them in court.

Problem 2. Cortana virtual assistant.

Many users have already called this assistant “Cortana, the virtual spy”. According to the license agreement of Windows 10, to maintain the working status of the Cortana, Microsoft has the right to collect any types of user’s information: the geolocation, the fragments of the email messages and SMS and information about phone calls(who was calling to you and how often he calls you). Data from the user’s digital calendar and your contact list.
To maintain Cortana’s working status, the information about how you use your phone will also be collected and stored: on what time you set your alarm, what kind of music is in your phone, what kind of programs, and so forth. The samples of your voice will also be stored on Microsoft servers. Moreover, because of the bugs, it sometimes may freeze and take 30+% of your CPU power. However, that problem happens not only with Cortana – other system elements can do this, too.

Problem 3. Third-party tracking.

It is confirmed that Windows 10 will show you a lot of different advertisements. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft decided to spread Windows 10 for free. Every advert will have its personal number (advertising ID) to systemize how people using these ads. Advertisers will have access to this data, and basically, they can track users’ behavior.

Problem 4. Decryption in the Windows 10.

It is hard to believe, but if you encrypt your data with the BitLocker program, you will have a decryption key and Microsoft. It is said, in the license agreement, that the password will be copied to OneDrive servers that Microsoft controls. And as we said above, they will have to give this key to the authorized agencies, making encryption in Windows 10 completely worthless.

Problem 5. Data usage.

Here is a quote from the license agreement: “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders) when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce the terms governing the use of the services.”
So, basically, your data will be at risk not only from different agencies but from Microsoft also.

How to fix Windows 10 tracking problem?

We created this guide for you to help you keep your private information to yourself. All the options below are on by default, and we will show you how to make them off.

Before the installation:

  • Don’t use express install, use only custom installation and remove all suspicious ticks during the installation.
  • Do not use Microsoft account. Create a local account instead.

After the installation:

  • Start – Settings – Privacy – Disable ALL options.
  • Start – Settings – Feedbacks & diagnostics – Set options Never\Basic.
  • Go to Updates & security – Additional settings – Choose how to get updates and disable first option.
  • Disable Cortana completely! Click on the search bar in the start menu and turn it off in settings. You can skip this item if you are using the local account and not Microsoft.
  • (not necessary) You can disable online search also.
  • Rename your PC. Right click on your desktop and click on “Display settings” – that go to “About” item – Rename PC.
  • Open command line (administrator rights required) and type next(or copy, FINALLY!!).
        sc delete DiagTrack
        sc delete dmwappushservice
  • Now you need to go to local group editor. Press WIN+R and type “gpedit.msc” (administrator rights required) Go to the directive: Computer configuration – Administrator templates – Windows Components – Data collections – Disable option “Allow Telemetry”.
  • Also, go to the next directive: Computer configuration – Administrator templates – Windows Components – OneDrive – Prevent from usage – set disable.
  • Computer configuration – Administrator templates – Windows Components – Windows Defender – Disable that too. Install licensed antivirus (like

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